Live Chat Jobs AirBnB Travel $10 – $45 An Hour

Montego Bay Kingston Jamaica Jobs. Live chat operator jobs. AirBnB Travel Live Chat Jobs $11.50 – $45.00 an hour. Now Hiring ! AirBnB Chat Jobs $11.50 – $45 An Hour Now Hiring !

About Airbnb
San Francisco, California-based Airbnb was formed to connect people looking to rent out their extra spaces with travelers seeking clean, comfortable, and safe accommodations. Deemed the “eBay for space” by Time magazine, Airbnb’s online marketplace includes user reviews, verification, and the ability to conduct transactions safely and securely.

In support of a flexible workplace, Airbnb has previously offered part-time, freelance, remote, occasional, and temporary jobs, including both short-term and long-term assignments. As an employer, Airbnb offers eligible employees benefits, such as medical coverage, parental leave, paid time off, annual travel stipends, paid volunteer time, and more. The values that guide the company to “meet challenges creatively” include “champion the mission, be a host, embrace the adventure,” and “be a ‘cereal’ entrepreneur,” or in other words, be “determined and creative in transforming bold ambitions into reality.”

The listings on Airbnb’s site span a range of traditional and nontraditional dwellings around the world, such as vacation rentals, individual rooms, bed-and-breakfasts, villas, boutique hotels, and even treehouses and castles. Founded in 2008, Airbnb is now comprised of a global community of travelers and homeowners across nearly 35,000 cities and 200 countries. Established by Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, who developed this new economy in Gebbia’s basement, Airbnb now serves thousands of people via 2 million global listings. The company prides itself on fostering a “culture of curiosity, humanity, and creativity,” infusing those principles into its employee culture, brand, and services.

As a partner we will also refer you for AirBnB Travel Chat Jobs that pay 11.50 – US$45.00 an hour. Get your team to work for you to relax and earn. you will be paid for Live chat and reply to emails .Thanks .

You can manage your own AirBnB Travel Chat team . Relax and earn $11.50 an hour for each agent that works on your team.
If you have 5 agents working that’s ($11.50 * 5 = $57.50 an hour paid to you) . But you decide how much to pay each agent .
If you pay 1 agent $5 out of the $11.50 that’s $6.50 profit an hour for you . If you pay all 5 agents $5 that’s ($6.50 * 5 )
$32.50 cents an hour for you . you decide how you want to do it . Be your own boss.

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